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Portuguese Bespoke
Needlepoint Rugs

Casa Tapetes Arraiolos was established in 1959, developing activities totally dedicated to rugs and tapestries related to the Arraiolos stitch.

With superior knowledge gained over the years of existence we are known internationally as leaders in the market.

Products are available from our five commercial stores.

We are known for participating in international exhibitions.

We have specialized teams in areas such as creativity, manufacturing and commercialization.


We create any design, color, shape or even measure

Embroidery needlepoint rug
Needlepoint Rug
Needlepoint Rug

Rugs Handmade in 100% Wool


Bespoke Needlepoint Rugs

we are able to respond to requests of our customers. We can produce any design, size or even shape. We have the consciousness of the prestige and notoriety that our brand has in the market and the responsibility that status entails.

Reproduce your rug

Casa Tapetes Arraiolos, can reproduce your old rug . We can ship to any part of the World

Repair Arraiolos Needlepoint rugs

We are the high qualified company reparing the Arraiolos Rugs.In the case of your rug arraiolos be damaged should be repaired as soon as possible.

- If the jute is damaged, rebuilt jute rug. Never let that put a patch behind the carpet.

- Only allow rebuild jute so the rug does not lose value.

- We put fringe in case of being damage.

- We collect your Portuguese needlepoint rug in any part of the World

Needlepoint Rugs

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